Lebanon: Donor Update Jan 2007



- Visual search & clearance of over 229,000 m² of land through hand, electronic, and visual techniques

- Removal and destruction of over 540 Remnants of Conflict(1) - 507 sub-munitions and 33 items of unexploded ordnance


After refresher training and training of new teams this month, all 20 MAG BAC teams are undertaking visual search activities, marking, and EOD of Remnants of Conflict that pose a serious risk to life in areas tasked by the MACC SL and NDO.

Priority clearance of access routes, homes, and gardens have been completed by operational teams. The focus of the teams for this month has moved towards clearance of agricultural and pastoral areas for the recovery of livelihoods.

MAG achieved the following outputs from 1st January to 31st January 2007:

- Area 6: 12 BAC teams operating in the village of Yohmor, Zaoutar, and Al Qosaybeh. These teams have used visual and electronic methods of clearance, clearing an area of 118,260 square metres and destroyed 176 Remnants of Conflict.

- Area 7: 8 BAC teams continue to operate in the villages of Al Smaahieh, Housh, Hayfarhat, Almaya, Batoliya and Rashidiya. These teams have cleared an area of 111,623 square metres and destroyed 364 Remnants of Conflict.

All teams are contributing to the social and economic recovery and development of South Lebanon through the safe, efficient, and effective clearance of Remnants of Conflict.


(1) MAG uses the term Remnants of Conflict (RoC) to describe all items recovered and destroyed as part of its humanitarian disarmament activities, which include Anti-Personal and Anti-Vehicle mines, Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), abandoned and unexploded ordnance (UXO), and SA/LW. This term has been developed to reflect more accurately the broad range of clearance activities undertaken by MAG.

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