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Lebanon: Civil Unrest Emergency Plan of Action Update n° 1 - DREF n° MDRLB008

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

The LRC have been responding according to their plan in providing emergency medical services, pre-hospital care, and blood transfusion services to the affected population from the ongoing protests since its onset on October 17, 2019 until now. This Operation Update extends the DREF operation for two months to support the scale up of LRC intervention plan to reach 2,000 HHs from most vulnerable areas in Lebanon for three months through provision of food parcels and fuel vouchers.

This DREF will cover 1,450 HHs providing them with food parcels and fuel vouchers for two months, while Movement partners (GRC, NorCross and DRC) will cover the remaining gap of 550 HHs for two months, and the total of 2,000 HHs for the third month (beyond this DREF operation timeframe).

On the other hand, Palestinian Red Crescent Society branch in Lebanon (PRCS-L) is being also supported through the extension of this DREF to cover around 500 refugees and vulnerable patients’ bills’ deficits for 2 months in its 5 hospitals according to set criteria (provided below).