Lebanon: Child friendly environment project


Naba'a in partnership with:

1- PIN (People in need)

2- SCS (Sweden save the children)


The project is taking place in 20 villages in the Caza of Tyre:

- 10 ( in partnership with PIN): Qan, Yanouh, Alklaileh, Jbal Botom, Rishknanai, Ein Baal, Dear Kanoun ras al ein, Alrameda, Almalkiah, and Heniah .

- 10 ( in partnership with SCS) : Nakoura, tier harfa, Aljobien, Majdal Zon, Mansouri, Sma'eiah, Hanaweah, Borj chamali, Masaken and Albuss

Criteria of selection - villages

- effected villages which are out of focus (especially with this kind of activities)

- Villages which are still inhabited by people were their children are deprived of practicing such activities ... Sport....

- Villages which are at risk of being targeted by landmines.

Project objective;

To provide children by safe environment in 10 southern villages and offering them with a package of psychological activities, so they can practice their right and cope well with their stressful conditions

A- Capacity building

two types of capacity building will be conducted, for two different groups in each village: one for the community committee, and the other for the animators themselves (as the over all out come within the project is to create groups aware about children rights and implement activities related to CRC, particularly child protection in each village . The activities aimed to reach two main tasks, implementing child right activities and management the child friendly environment to ensure the sustainability of the project).