Lebanon: Beirut Port Explosions Situation Report No. 16 (As of 20 January 2021)


Situation Reports are produced by OCHA Lebanon in collaboration with humanitarian partners. This Situation Report covers the month of December 2020, while also reflecting on the overall and cumulative response to the Beirut Port explosions. This Situation Report is the last one to be issued to cover the response to the Beirut Port explosions.


  • While the Lebanon Beirut Port explosions’ Flash Appeal formally ended on 31 December 2020, the implementation of some of its activities will continue into the first months of 2021. In parallel, recovery work will also continue under the World Bank Group (WBG), UN and European Union’s Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework (3RF).

  • The COVID-19 outbreak in country remains a massive public health emergency. As community transmission continues to increase – and the related socio-economic fallout continues – the outbreak is aggravating existing vulnerabilities, creating new humanitarian needs, and exacerbating current ones.

  • Beyond Beirut and the areas affected by the Port explosions, a close monitoring of the humanitarian situation in, and across, Lebanon is required. Also, and as the COVID-19 virus will continue to have an impact in 2021, adaptable responses, as well as flexible funding, will be essential going forward. Three main areas remain of particular concern – protection, food security, and health – as needs remain high and basic living conditions of already vulnerable communities could rapidly deteriorate further.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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