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Lebanon: Beirut Port Explosions Situation Report No. 13 (As of 15 October 2020) [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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  • Some 36,000 people benefitted from protection services, out of approximately 152,000 people in need.

  • Approximately seventy per cent of the identified needs for in-kind food assistance were covered with the distribution of an estimated 209,000 hot/ready-to-eat meals. Also, nearly 83,000 people received in-kind food parcels and 2,200 people received food vouchers. In addition, since the second half of August, close to 27,800 people received multipurpose cash assistance, and over 200 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises were supported with either rehabilitation or financial assistance.

  • Over 188 households were supported with cash-for-rent, out of a total of 14,500 households. Minor repairs and rehabilitation are also ongoing, with 1,015 and 243 apartments covered, respectively. Work is ongoing to meet outstanding needs, and Shelter partners are planning minor repairs and rehabilitation for 22,000 and 6,500 apartments, respectively.

  • Water supply connection was re-established for nearly 20,000 people (about 4,000 households) in almost 1,000 buildings. This covers two-thirds of the known needs to date. Over 3,300 tanks and 230 pumps were installed, and some 6,400 hygiene kits and 840 baby kits were distributed.

  • Provision of medical supplies and WASH services to medical facilities continued, including to Geitawi Hospital, where 80 water tanks were recently installed.

  • 12 mobile storage units remained set up at the Beirut Port for enhanced storage capacity.

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