Lebanon: Beirut Explosions Situation Report #1 - 7 August 2020

Situation Report
Originally published


Key Highlights

  • On 4 August, a massive explosion originating in the Beirut port resulted in 157 casualties to date, over 5,000 injured and widespread structural damages leaving an estimated 300,000 homeless.

  • Project HOPE is in Beirut coordinating deliveries of medicines, medical supplies and additional assistance, in coordination with local NGO, the Rene Moawad Foundation.

  • Pressing health concerns are burns and traumatic injuries, respiratory health due to release of toxic air pollutants, and ongoing needs of patients with COVID-19 combined with increased transmission risks.

  • Affected hospitals and responding organizations are reporting a dire need for medicines, medical supplies, trauma kits, surgical supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE).