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Lebanon and Palestine crisis

There are two huge humanitarian crises looming in Lebanon and Gaza. The fact that the current conflict has seen more children than soldiers killed in Lebanon shows the true horror of this war and the blatant disregard for civilian life. The number of dead, injured and homeless in that country continues to rise daily with no prospect of a lasting peace in sight. Meanwhile, Israeli offensives continue apace in Gaza with daily civilian deaths and human suffering on an unimaginable scale, all barely reported by the media as events in Lebanon dominate.

What We're Doing

Muslim Hands is on the ground in Lebanon and Gaza

Muslim Hands and its regional partners in Lebanon and in Gaza are continuing to provide vital aid to the innocent people who have fallen victim to the growing violence.

Mobile medical units for Saida, Lebanon

In Lebanon, Muslim Hands is distributing relief items -- primarily food parcels, medical aid and hygiene kits -- to the displaced and needy people in and around Saida.

There are over 75,000 displaced people now camping in schools, sports centres and other public buildings in the Saida area. With our partners we are organising and funding these centres which are feeding and accommodating refugees.

Recently Muslim Hands purchased and deployed two Mobile Medical Units in Saida to serve the sick and injured flooding into the city. Each Unit carries a medical crew including a doctor. More Mobile Medical Units are urgently needed (each costs =A325,000).

Suffering in Gaza

Israeli bombing intensifies in Gaza

Heavy Israeli shelling of northern Gaza has intensified dramatically, destroying the already crippled economy and causing immense suffering to ordinary Palestinians. In June, the World Food Program estimated that more than half of all Palestinians (some 2 million people) were facing food shortages. The humanitarian situation in Gaza has now become critical due to Israel's intensive bombing of power plants, roads and other civilian infrastructure. Twenty-two hospitals in Gaza do not have electricity. The lack of refrigeration has damaged potentially life saving drugs and vaccines.

Muslim Hands has been working in Palestine since 1994 and considers this to be one of the neediest times for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Please help Muslim Hands continue our urgent aid work helping the innocent people of Gaza and Palestine.

How to Help

Make a donation

- =A350 buys a family food parcel.

- =A350 allows us to buy 10 packs of baby milk for young mothers.

- =A370 pays for a water tank.

- =A3200 provides a tent for a homeless family.

Sponsor an orphan from Lebanon or Palestine

Remember also to write to your local MP or government representative asking them what their response has been to the crisis, and whether they will be adding their voice to the growing international calls for an immediate ceasefire and Israeli withdrawal.