Key Findings of VARON 2017 (Vulnerability Assessment of Refugees of Other Nationalities in Lebanon)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 02 Jul 2018 View Original

UNHCR is pleased to present the Vulnerability Assessment of Refugees of Other Nationalities (VARON) 2017, an annual report on Iraqi, Sudanese, Ethiopian and other refugees and asylum-seekers in Lebanon from countries other than Syria. The influx of more than a million refugees from Syria since 2012 has partly overshadowed the plight of other refugee communities, many of whom have been in Lebanon since before the Syrian crisis. The VARON aims to shed light on their situation. Between November 2016 and April 2017, assessments were conducted with 4,876 refugee and asylumseeker families from countries other than Syria.
Note: The demographics and vulnerabilities of the studied households differed significantly among nationality lines. For this reason, the report splits findings between Iraqi respondents and respondents from other countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt (referred to in this dashboard as ‘Other Nationality’ for concision). A complete list of nationalities included in the ‘Other Nationality’ group can be found in the full report.