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Islamic Relief responds to Lebanon fighting

Islamic Relief is responding to the conflict between the Lebanese army and militants in Lebanon's Naher al-Bared camp.

Naher al-Bared is home to some 40,000 Palestinian refugees, and more than 27,000 have fled the besieged camp since fighting began on 20 May 2007.


Most of the refugees have moved to Beddawi camp, but thousands of people remain trapped in Naher al-Bared without water or electricity. Many civilians still in the camp are sick or elderly and cannot leave their homes.

Fighting also spread to the Ein al-Hilwa camp for a short while, forcing 200 families to flee to nearby Sidon.

Limited access

Many aid agencies and emergency services cannot enter the besieged Palestinian refugee camp to evacuate the injured or deliver vital supplies.

Naher al-Bared resident, Murtaja, 38, said: "The smell of dead corpses is overwhelming. The dead are under the rubble and we have no way of getting them out.

Islamic Relief Response

Islamic Relief is working in Beddawi camp which now hosts most of the families that fled Naher al-Bared.

IR aid workers are providing drinking water every day for 15,000 people and distributing clothes, detergents, hygiene kits and other aid.

IR staff also helped families living in temporary homes in Beddawi camp connect to the electricity supply, benefiting 5,000 people.