International conference on Lebanon's reconstruction: The international community's economic aid for Lebanon

Paris I (23 February 2001)

France convened the first meeting with the international institutions (World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Commission) on 23 February 2001. The purpose was Lebanon's economic development. The Lebanese government presented its economic and financial policy. The meeting raised some 500 million euros in international aid. It was decided in principle to hold a further meeting, extended to Lebanon's main economic partners, in order to support the programme to rebuild the Lebanese economy.

Paris II (23 November 2002)

The second meeting, including Lebanon's main economic partners, was held on 23 November 2002. It was attended by 23 countries and international institutions, including the heads of government of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Malaysia, Qatar and Spain, and the President of the European Commission. At this conference the IMF applauded the efforts made by the Lebanese authorities in economic reform and reduction of public debt. At Paris II, the participating countries announced aid of 4.2 billion euros, comprising 3.1 billion in financial aid and 1.3 billion in project aid.

Stockholm Conference (31 August 2006)

This conference was convened by the Swedish government on 31 August 2006, in close cooperation with the Lebanese government and with the support of the United Nations, after the summer confrontations. It was attended by some fifty donors - countries, international, regional and non-governmental organisations. It provided political and financial support for the Lebanese government, which gave the international community an estimate of the damage suffered and requirements for short-term rehabilitation. Lebanon was promised a total of 980 million dollars in Stockholm. These sums have since been confirmed, and by the end of December 2006 some two-thirds of this total had already been committed and spent.

Towards Paris III (25 January 2007)

In response to a request from the Lebanese authorities, the President of France has decided to convene an international conference on support for Lebanon in Paris on 25 January 2007. This is the culmination of the work of the "Friends of Lebanon" group formed after the "Beirut Spring" (March 2005) and is intended to extend the aid granted at the Stockholm Conference.

The conference on support for Lebanon on 25 January will examine three areas:

  • the political, in particular the need to strengthen the Lebanese state so that it can fully exercise its sovereignty over its entire territory;

  • Lebanon's sectoral, economic and social needs;

  • the macroeconomic and financial, focusing on debt management and support for the reform programme.