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Inter-Agency Regional Response for Syrian refugees - Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey 21-27 March 2013



  • The situation inside Syria continues to deteriorate, including in central and rural Damascus, resulting in an ongoing outflow of refugees. There is a growing concern about regional stability and the regionalization of the conflict.

  • There are now more than 1.2 million refugees who have fled Syria to Egypt, Iraq, Jordan,
    Lebanon and Turkey. UNHCR has registered 477,347 people since 1 January 2013 alone.

  • Revision of the regional contingency plan is underway given the increasing trend in refugee arrivals. Funding of the Regional Response Plan stands at 31 per cent, with a shortfall of US$735 million, while we have reached 110 per cent of the refugee population planning figure and needs are growing rapidly .

  • The Government of Jordan has authorized the opening of an additional camp in Al-Azraq with a capacity to host up to 60,000 refugees. There are currently 20 camps for Syrian refugees in the region, including 17 camps in Turkey with three more under construction, one in Jordan with two additional transit sites, and two camps in Iraq.

  • The Al Qa’im border in Iraq remains closed for Syrians seeking asylum except for emergency medical cases and family reunification, which are limited to spouses with a maximum number of three cases per day. Response partners continue to advocate for the opening of the border. All other crossing points are open.