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Inter-Agency Regional Refugee Response for Syrian Refugees 3 - 9 May 2014

Situation Report
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  • Palestine refugees from Syria were restricted from entering Lebanon during the reporting period with greater scrutiny exercised at the border. UNRWA is present at the border and has been given assurances by authorities that these restrictions are temporary.
    The Government of Lebanon has indicated that it is in the process of re-examining its admissions policies. UNHCR remains committed to working with the government in this review. UNHCR and UNRWA continue to work closely together on ensuring the protection of refugees from Syria.

  • Government ministers from Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt together with UNHCR met on 4 May to appeal for significantly heightened efforts to address the growing human impact of the Syria crisis. The Ministers and the High Commissioner for Refugees noted the continued need for massive international support, including increased bilateral support and financial and development assistance to help hosting countries cope with the escalating demands placed on national services and infrastructure as a result of the refugee influx. They also appealed to development actors and financial institutions to scale up their support to refugee hosting countries.