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ICRC sends humanitarian assistance to Lebanon

Amman - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is sending today a convoy of humanitarian assistance to Lebanon through its Delegation in Jordan. The convoy consists of 11 truckloads of over 220 tons of food items, destined to the victims of the recent violence in Tripoli, north of Lebanon.

The ICRC, the Lebanese Red Cross, and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) are co-ordinating their efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to people inside and outside Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp. The ICRC currently has five delegates in the north, specifically in the Baddawi refugee camp - the second camp in Tripoli - in which around 10'000 people who have fled their homes in Nahr Al-Bared since Monday 20 th May are being received. These displaced persons have taken refuge inside schools and are being provided with food and non-food items by the Lebanese Red Cross and the PRCS, in co-operation with the ICRC. The ICRC has also supported the PRCS' hospital in the Baddawi refugee camp by providing it with medical supplies to respond to the needs of those who have been evacuated.

The ICRC is deeply concerned about the recent escalation of violence in Lebanon. It called on all parties involved in the fighting to abide by the rules of International Humanitarian Law, thus, civilians not taking a direct part in the hostilities must be spared. Spare them.

For more information :

ICRC Delegation in Jordan, Rabab Al-Rifaï: 460 4300 or 0777 398 7