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ICRC Provides Support to PRCS' Safad Hospital in Lebanon

(Lebanon - 1/2/2017): PRCS’ Safad hospital in Al Badawi Camp in northern Lebanon received state-of-the-art medical equipment offered by the ICRC. This support follows a study of the hospital’s condition and needs carried out by ICRC. It aims at enhancing medical services offered by the hospital to camp residents and all those in need.

Dr. Ibrahim Yaseen, Hospital Director, thanked ICRC for its continuous support aimed at modernizing equipment at PRCS’ hospitals. He hoped that support to and coordination with PRCS would continue with a view to developing medical services at Safad hospital which strives to provide the best therapeutic services to Palestinian refugees and the Lebanese population in northern Lebanon.

An ICRC delegation had toured Safad Hospital and the dialysis center in Al Badawi camp accompanied by Dr. Samer Shihadeh, Hospital Deputy Director and Head of PRCS’ Projects in Lebanon.


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