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Humanitarian Bulletin Lebanon Issue 33 | 1 August – 31 October 2018 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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  • OCHA conducts mission to Tfail

  • Competition over low-skilled jobs a key source of tension between Syrian refugees and Lebanese

  • Empowering national NGOs

  • Syrians and Lebanese interacting less often

  • LHF leads field visit to Tripoli

FIGURES (As of 1 November 2018)

  • # of estimated refugees 1,500,000
  • # of registered refugees 952,562
  • # of returnees 35,000
  • # of Palestine Refugees from Syria (PRS) 32,000
  • # of Palestine Refugees from Lebanon (PRL) 270,000
  • # of vulnerable Lebanese 1,500,000
  • Total Lebanese population 4,400,000

In this issue, we provide an update on OCHA’s recent localization efforts, which are in line with the Grand Bargain and the commitments made at the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit. We report on the first humanitarian mission to the marginalized Lebanese town of Tfail, located on Lebanon’s easternmost border with Syria. We shed light on relations between the Syrian refugees and host communities based on the findings of the latest Perception Surveys. In addition, we present the findings of two recent studies: dignity in displacement; and understanding masculinity in the Middle East and North Africa. Finally, we tell the story of Ahmad who participated in a Masculinities programme with ABAAD NGO.

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