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Humanitarian Bulletin Lebanon Issue 26 |15 December – 31 January 2017 [EN/AR]



  • New plan appeals for US$2.8 billion to assist 2.8 million vulnerable people in Lebanon.

  • 2016 achievements help ease hardships of the most vulnerable communities.

  • Challenges in 2017 could include funding constraints and data shortages.

  • Lebanon received USD 1.3 billion for the response in 2016.

  • Demining project benefits more than 5,000 Syrians and Lebanese.


(As of 31 December 2016)

# of estimated refugees 1,500,000

# of registered refugees


# of returnees 35,000

# of Palestine Refugees from Syria (PRS) 30,675

# of Palestine Refugees from Lebanon (PRL) 277,985

# of vulnerable Lebanese 1,500,000

Total Lebanese population 4,400,000

This month in Lebanon

In this issue, we provide an overview of the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) which was launched in January 2017, with a focus on the achievements of 2016 and the challenges and objectives ahead for 2017. We also highlight the issue of mines in Lebanon, with a look at how the work of one demining organization has changed the life of a Syrian family in the Bekaa.


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