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Help for women in Beirut

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As part of our emergency aid after the explosion disaster in Beirut, our team distributed 1.000 hygiene packages in the Karantina district. One month after the explosion catastrophe in the capital, the need for aid remains high throughout the country. Our support is urgently needed.

Our team was last on the road in Karantina. This is one of the poorest districts of Beirut. Here, the damage caused by the explosion is not as spectacular as on the chic buildings near the port, but the need for help is all the greater. Because people live here who cannot cope with the crisis on their own.

Many of the buildings inside were damaged in the explosion, especially windows, doors and furniture were broken. The clean-up and construction work is taking up a lot of people's time. At the same time there is high unemployment, not least because of Covid-19. The family coffers are empty.

Our relief supplies benefit particularly needy people. We worked together with the Lebanese organization DPNA, which has been providing emergency aid since the disaster in Beirut and has identified women in particular need for distribution. They come from Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. Our joint distribution has now gone to them.