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Food and Basic Assistance for Refugees in Lebanon (July 2022)


Over 10 years into the Syrian refugee crisis, WFP’s cash assistance remains a lifeline of hope for over 1 million refugees in Lebanon

The World Food Programme has been providing assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon since 2012 — first with food parcels, then paper vouchers, and since 2013 with cash-based assistance through electronic cards. WFP has also been supporting refugees of other nationalities since 2019 and supported Palestinian refugees from Syria between 2014 and 2021.

WFP’s cash assistance became more crucial than ever amid an economic crisis that rendered the already difficult living conditions even more challenging. Currently, nine in one refugees are living in extreme poverty, while more than half are suffering from insecurity.

The amount of cash beneficiaries receive and degree of flexibility in the use of the e-card varies according to vulnerability, with all extremely vulnerable people receiving food assistance while families with greater needs receive additional support.

As the prices of food and other essential goods continued to rise due to the deepening economic crisis, inflation outpaced the transfer values of cash assistance, which despite increases in 2020 and 2021, were not sufficient for beneficiaries to fully meet their basic needs. As a result of successful advocacy by WFP and partners with the Government to be able to support beneficiaries to fully meet their food and other basic needs, transfer values were increased as of April 2022 to LBP 500,000 per person for food needs and LBP 1 million per household for non-food needs.