Extreme weather conditions affect Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

from Islamic Relief
Published on 11 Jan 2013 View Original

A snow storm reached Lebanon on Tuesday affecting significant numbers of Syrian refugees, especially families in the Bekaa valley region. Islamic Relief Lebanon has been helping families affected by the extreme weather conditions, with food and hygiene kits:

One of the places affected is a centre which houses more than 30 refugee families in Dairzanon County. Access is extremely difficult with rivers of water running through houses. Islamic Relief was the first organisation to reach these areas and provided humanitarian aid.

A ground floor of another shelter used to house three Syrian refugee families, however water has flooded their entire floor. They are now sharing accommodation with their neighbours in the building. Islamic Relief Lebanon is actively searching a housing solution for them and provided families in the shelter with food, hygiene kits and mattresses.

Feisal and his wife arrived from Syria a few days ago after losing his right hand. He explained that he had no food and no money to buy provisions. There are many newcomers like Feisal with no house or shelter and funds are still urgently needed refugees like him.

Islamic Relief’s future plans in Lebanon

There are currently 185,841 Syrian refugees registered or awaiting registration in Lebanon. Lebanon hosts the largest Syrian refugee community who are spread across 450 regions. Islamic Relief has been providing relief to Syrian refugees in Lebanon since May 2011.

Islamic Relief is continuing to support thousands of displaced Syrians through the provision of food, shelter, WASH (Water and Sanitation and hygiene), medical care and psychosocial activities. This includes plans to provide shelter, safe water and sanitation for 1000 Syrians refugee families in Lebanon. Islamic Relief also plans to distribute medicines and medical supplies, and pay for surgical operations.