European Union, the Netherlands fund UN-HABITAT recovery work in Lebanon

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Nairobi - UN-HABITAT announced on Tuesday that the European Union and The Netherlands will provide funding for post-conflict reconstruction in areas damaged during Israeli bombing raids in Lebanon last year.

The European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) will provide about US$ 1 million (746,068 euros) to help rebuild the south Beirut suburb of Hayy El Sullum. The seven-month project will help renovate buildings and repair water and sanitation systems for some 4,200 people.

Many multi-storey residential blocks were damaged or completely destroyed when Israel sent thousands of troops into southern Lebanon and conducted air raids further north during a month-long war triggered by the Hezbollah movement's abduction of two Israeli soldiers in July 2006.

The Netherlands is providing around US$ 1.07 million (800,000 euros) for UN-HABITAT work in south Lebanon in a shelter recovery and reconstruction project while laying the foundation for the long-term sustainable reconstruction and development in Lebanon. In this context, the project will facilitate the sound reconstruction of destroyed and heavily damaged dwellings that would comply with necessary building and architectural standards and norms, as well as it will strengthen the capacities of local authorities and affected communities to plan and manage the recovery and reconstruction process. UN-HABITAT's rehabilitation work will focus on helping rebuild neighbourhoods and lives as part of project that will include training and capacity building for local people and authorities. The lead UN agency for shelter, UN-HABITAT is working in many countries around the world recovering from conflict and natural disasters.