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Equal Access Monitor - March 2015 [EN/AR]


Winter 2014/15 in Jordan and Lebanon Winter 2014/15 in Jordan and Lebanon

As the Syrian crisis enters its fifth year with no end in sight, the humanitarian situation of persons with specific needs is appalling . Already unable to obtain employment in Lebanon and Jordan, most Syrian refugees struggle to earn an income. The few precarious informal incomegenerating initiatives are highly competitive and require substantial physical labour. This has limited the participation of most refugees with specific needs. The status quo has left most refugees with specific needs utterly dependent on family and humanitarian assistance.

According to the recent Lebanon vulnerability assessment, half of the households visited had a member with specific needs, mainly chronic diseases . Over 7% of the vulnerable households were headed by older people (aged 60 years and above) . Likewise, the level of vulnerabilities amongst Syrian refugees has significantly increased over the past year. In Lebanon, more than 40% of the refugee households are currently relying on food vouchers, a sharp increase from 24% in 2013 .