Enfants du Monde - Droits de l'Homme (EMDH) Monthly Newsletter Mar 2007

News and Press Release
Originally published


March was a very busy month for EMDH. Indeed, we are proud to announce all centers have successfully been inaugurated, except the Shakra II unit which is due to open on the last week of March. The centers were overwhelmed with a huge demand from the local population: sometimes more than a hundred children showed up to subscribe! For example 150 children attend the Tooleen unit, and 120 children go to our Dayr Intar center. Therefore, in order to satisfy everyone and, most importantly, to give all children a chance to attend the psychosocial activities provided by our team of psychologists, educators and volunteers, EMDH reorganized the shifts schedule (Two days of activities instead of one - double shift) or hired extra animators. We are very proud of this success and especially happy to be able to provide support to all children and villages with no distinction.

Concerning our Kermesses, they prove to be an ever popular event. Two more have been set up until now: One in the Kherbet Selem School on March 18th and also a huge kermess on Sunday, March 25th in the Sultaniyyeh Liberation School, in collaboration with Balamand University, the SLS school, the Lebanese Red Cross and the Belgian UNIFIL who kindly provided information concerning the topic of landmines and ditributed awareness posters. We are grateful to all our partners who helped us raise awareness and make this event a success (About 1500 children attended our kermess). Many more kermesses are yet still to come and we hope they bring a moment of leisure and happiness just like the previous ones did.