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Egypt's Embassy in Beirut participates in delivering humanitarian aid to the displaced Syrians

Deputy Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Counsellor Nazih Al-Naggary stated that Egypt's Ambassador in Beirut Ashraf Hamdi, and an embassy team took part in delivering the humanitarian aid to the displaced Syrians in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in cooperation with the Egyptian Resala Charity Organization which collected the aid of food, blankets and clothes.

In this context, the Deputy Spokesman stressed that due attention should be paid to the humanitarian dimension of the Syrian crisis and the importance of uniting international and Arab efforts to contribute to facing the unusual humanitarian crisis the Syrian people are passing through, inside and outside their territories in parallel with efforts of finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis to end this awful tragedy.

The Embassy of Egypt in Beirut received a phone call from the Egyptian Resala Charity Organization, where the embassy provided help to facilitate the release of such aid thorough its contacts with the Lebanese relevant authorities helped release it without paying customs dues.