Disaster Management Sector Beirut Port Explosion Response Assessment Results (MSNA, DANA) As of August 24, 2020

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Executive Summary

This assessment report presents the findings of the immediate household surveys conducted by LRC volunteers and other partners’ enumerators containing the Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment (MSNA) and Damage Assessment Needs Assessment (DANA) in the affected areas surrounding and affected by the Beirut Port explosion until 18th of August.

The data shows that the primary response needs are shelter repairs, food, and medication, while the primary recovery need will be cash. The data is disaggregated by areas to provide better targeting of support, for example in Rmeil the first priority need provided by respondents by far is support with shelter repair, whereas in Bourj Hammoud cash, food and medications were rated more highly.


  • By August 18th 2020, 6100 assessments have been conducted.

  • 52% Female headed-households and 48% Male headed-households residing in the affected area have been assessed.

  • 57% of the assessed households have at least one member having chronic illness

  • 5% of the assessed households have pregnant or lactating women

  • 8% of the assessed households have physical or mental disability

  • 3% of the assessed households have disaster-caused disability

  • 96% of the assessed households prioritized Shelter Repairs, Medical Care, Medication, Cash and Food as assistance

  • 19.5% of the assessed households have collapsed or damaged balconies, 28.6% have minor damage, closable and repairable, and 42.1% have broken and shattered glass

  • 11% of households so far have reported having unacceptable toilet conditions.

  • 13% of the assessed households have savings and can access them