De-mined lands handed over to Lebanese authority

Beirut - The UAE Project for Support and Reconstruction in Lebanon announced that new lands have been cleared from mines and handed out to their original owners as part of UAE President H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan' s de-mining initiative.

Major Abdullah Butti Al Shamsi, Commander of Field Engineering Company, handed Salim Al Haj, Mukhtar (Mayor) of Aramta Village a UN attested de-mining certificate for a lands spanning 5000 square meters. 'Aramata Village's successful de-mining brought to 46 the total number of villages cleared by the UAE team in Lebanon,'he added.

He termed the delivered lands as the most dangerous due to rough terrain and massive existence of unexploded ordinance and traps. Representative of the UN Liaison Office Bilal Najedi thanked the UAE de-mining team, affirming that they had carried out their duty properly and professionally. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)