Danger Doesn’t Deter

from Global Hope Network International
Published on 23 Oct 2013 View Original

The GHNI Lebanon team faces many challenges but the danger will not deter them from the work they are so passionate about. Here are the most recent updates from the team in Lebanon:

Tripoli, Lebanon “It is a pleasure to endure and brave the challenges of working in with Syrian refugees in Northern Lebanon despite the danger. Here are some of the specifics that are happening in & around Tripoli. There have been many chances to show compassion and love, and to encourage people who have lost everything that they own.

“Here are some of the comments from the refugees:

‘You are the only hope in this eeriness.’

‘You are a unique light in this darkness.’

‘In short time you become our best friends.’

“As you have seen in the news, recently a bomb rocked our city killing 51 people and injuring more than 500. In spite of this, we continue with our work. Many people were upset by this bombing. This is also a high level of danger & confusion.

“One Syrian Refugee asked a GHNI volunteer how we can help. They are living in substandard housing, but thankful that they have a place to stay and that they are out of the crossfire and away from the chemical weapons.

“So … Yes high level of upset, and confusion and danger…It is no longer safe to sleep in the city, but we continue to work in the city during the day & return to our homes in the villages outside the city. Many people have left the city and others have stopped helping refugees. But we cannot stop. Our work continues … with refugees … with children … compassionate listening … disaster relief … community development “