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Behind the Concrete Veil: Humanitarian needs of vulnerable crisis-affected refugee and host families in urban and peri-urban areas of Beirut and Mount Lebanon

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In the beginning of April, the number of refugees fleeing the Syrian crisis into neighboring Lebanon surpassed 1 million. The pressure on the already fragile resources of the country is increasing, and there is an urgent need to support both Syrian refugees and Lebanese host communities.

For the support to be efficient, it is important to first define precisely what the concrete needs are. ACTED teams conducted an assessment in their main areas of intervention, Beirut and northern Mount Lebanon, to provide an overview of the humanitarian needs faced by vulnerable populations, both Syrian refugees and Lebanese families.

Findings are based on household surveys, a series of semi-structured focus group discussions and key informant interviews, as well as by a set of program monitoring and evaluation studies.

What did it reveal?

The assessment reveals that the lack of financial resources combined with the ever-increasing cost of living in Beirut and Mount Lebanon are the root causes of many challenges faced by refugees, especially bad living conditions (in terms of protection, health and hygiene).

The report also shows the high level of vulnerability of the local population, and how important it is to engage with local authorities to address the impact of the population increase on basic service provision