Assisting fishermen in Lebanon

In response to the needs of the people living in the war-affected areas, CHF distributed relief commodities to the fishermen of Al- Abdeh region as part of the USAID/ OFDA-funded HAL Program. These fishermen lost their boats and only source of income during the last war. CHF is distributing fishing kits (fishing nets, hooks, etc.) to 3,500 fishermen families along the Lebanese coastline and have already distributed relief commodities to 23 Cooperatives of Fishermen consisting of 3,567 of household kits (each kit consisting of 2 bed-sheets, 2 bed-covers, 2 towels, & 2 pillows); 3,567 food items; as well as 3,569 hygiene kits. CHF coordinated with the various fishermen cooperatives and associations to implement the program in a transparent and effective manner.

This initiative falls under the U.S. Government-funded Humanitarian Assistance for Lebanon (HAL) program and aims to provide life saving humanitarian assistance to families who considerably suffered from the latest crisis in Lebanon. Program activities primarily cover water and sanitation, psychological interventions, and the provision of food and non-food items to the affected population, including fishermen along the entire Lebanese coastline. More than 20,000 beneficiaries in 18 villages in Bint Jbeil and Tyre benefit from the program, including 3,500 fishermen along the Lebanese coastline. The program also aims at increasing access of conflict-affected communities to necessary agricultural and human resources, related to fishing and olive production. 1,387 persons are expected to directly benefit from these activities.