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15 March 2021: 10 years of war in Syria - WeWorld gives voice to Syrian women

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More than 6.7 million people have managed to escape from Syria since the beginning of the war.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian conflict, WeWorld tells the story of its protagonists through a multimedia project and the photographic exhibition "Il tempo sospeso" (Stuck in time).

Milan, 11 March 2021- “When the war started, my parents told me that it was a temporary conflict, that there was no need to be afraid. When I came here to Lebanon, they repeated the same thing, but it wasn’t like that. I've been living here for 8 years," says Abir, 18, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon.

March 15 marks 10 years since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, 10 years in which the lives of Abir and many other women who have found refuge in Lebanon are suspended.

WeWorld-an organization that has been defending the rights of women and children in Italy and around the world for 50 years-has chosen to tell the story of the lives of Syrian women in Lebanon and to give them a voice thanks to a multimedia project of testimonies and photographs created together with the international photographer Francesca Volpi, who visited the camps where WeWorld works, in the Bekaa Valley and in Akkar.

The figures speak for themselves: More than 6.7 million people escaped from Syria since the beginning of the war.. Of these, 1.5 million - mostly women and children - are displaced in Lebanon, the country with the highest concentration of refugees per capita in the world, which itself has been experiencing a major social, political and economic crisis for years. According to the latest 2019 estimates, some 75,500 adult women and 167,000 children live in informal settlements in Lebanon. Here, women often lack access to basic services and goods and live in basic subsistence conditions within structures and areas that were supposed to be temporary, but have become almost permanent.

WeWorld, operating in Syria since 2011,, has taken action with targeted projects in various fields, including education, protection, water and sanitation, emergency response, including that against Covid-19. One of WeWorld's main initiatives is the rehabilitation of schools, allowing boys and girls to return to study in suitable and comfortable places. The organization has been working in Lebanon since 2006, focusing on supporting and protecting the most vulnerable, guaranteeing the rights of boys and girls and ensuring they can go to school. Since 2012, it has been working with Syrian refugees in informal tented settlements (ITSs) to address basic needs. Over the past 3 years, WeWorld has reached more than 81,000 people, across Lebanese and Syrian communities, with water management activities and awareness campaigns. Education-related activities have involved more than 650 students and nearly 80 teachers.

The multimedia project is available here: https://www.weworld.it/en/news-and-stories/news/15th-march-2011-15th-mar...