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Ukraine Response 2022 - Latvia: Displacement Surveys with Ukrainian Refugees and TCNs - Data collected: 1–29 July 2022


Demographic profile

Between 1 July and 29 July 2022, IOM conducted 265 displacement patterns, needs and intentions interviews with refugees from Ukraine and other TCNs in 6 different municipalities of 3 regions of Latvia – Riga, Latgale and Vidzeme. More than half of the surveys (55%) where collected in transit places of the capital Riga (collective and registration centers, bus and train stations, other open spaces). Another 33 per cent of the surveys were collected in the eastern region of Latgale and in particular in entry and transit points in Rēzekne, Karsava, Malukšta and Viļāni, and the remaining 12 per cent were collected in the city of Alūksne in the Viszeme region bordering Estonia and the Russian Federation. More than half of respondents reported to have entered Latvia from the Russian Federation (56%), followed by those who entered from Lithuania (32%), from Estonia (8%), from Belarus or by flight (4%).

Out of all 265 respondents, 99 per cent were Ukrainian refugees and 1 per cent TCNs (2 observations from the Russian Federation). The top four regions of origin of respondents were Kharkivska (32%), Donetska (17%), Luhanska (15%), and Khersonska (8%). More than two thirds (68%) of respondents originated from an urban location. About 52 per cent of respondents declared to speak Russian as main language at home, and the remaining 48 per cent to speak Ukrainian.