Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Podul Flood Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) Operation Update n° 1 (DREF n° MDRLA006)


This operations update is to inform of the top-up of the DREF allocation with an increase of 145,084 Swiss francs (CHF) to a total budget of CHF 196,450. The attached budget provides the details of the request. In summary, the focus of the second DREF allocation is to conduct the following:

• replenishment for LRC distribution of relief kits to 2,244 families valued at CHF 87,774

• additional budget for further water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH) activities focusing on hygiene promotion in affected communities

• epidemic control for volunteers (ECV) refresher, mobilization of volunteers and awareness activities

• protection, gender and inclusion (PGI) messaging as part of combined awareness activities

At the same time, as there will be further awareness activities conducted in the affected communities during the second phase of the DREF operation, extra cost has also been included for monitoring of these activities.

The operations update is also advising the 1.5 months extension of the DREF operation (increasing the total time frame of operations to 4.5 months). The new end date for the operations is 31 January 2020 (original operations end date is 13 December 2019). The extension was requested to ensure that the additional activities requested above are completed within the timeframe of the operations.


Description of the disaster

On 29 August 2019, Tropical Storm (TS) Podul made landfall in Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR), bringing rainfall and winds until 3 September 2019, which has caused flooding in six provinces in the southern part of the country. The affected provinces include Attapeu, Champasak, Khammouane, Salawan, Savannakhet and Sekong. The most recent updated information from the National Disaster Prevention and Control Committee (NDPCC) states that 1,525 villages across 44 Districts have been affected and a total of 155,799 households (766,936 people) were affected. A total of 19 deaths and one missing person have been reported. The following table provides most up to date information provided by Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare provincial offices to NDPCC: