LAO PDR: Disaster Response Plan (August 2018- February 2019)


Situation Overview

Two tropical storms and sustained heavy rainfall during July, August and September 2018 have affected the entire country, including an estimated 2,400 villages and 132,000 households. 3,616 households have been evacuated, and 55 people reportedly died. Approximately 150 km of national and provincial roads, as well as 133 km of district and 350 km of rural roads and 47 bridges have been damaged.

Moreover, 90,667 hectares of rice paddy field and 11,607 hectares of other crop fields have been damaged. A large number of livestock has been lost, including 21,000 large animals and 79,000 poultry. 861 irrigation systems have been damaged. The most affected provinces are Attapeu, Khammouane, Savannakhet, Champasak and Oudomxay.

A beriberi outbreak has been reported in Khammouane province, which may be linked to a lack of dietary diversification brought about by flood induced geographical insolation. Price increases of essential goods were reported in the regions with damaged road access. Apart of flooding and landslides, the country is also currently affected by a continuing locust outbreak in five provinces in the North, a flood-related White Back Hopper outbreak in Xayaboury and Xekong and a rat epidemic in Luang Namtha.

The Humanitarian Country Team originally launched this Disaster Response Plan on 7 August 2018. As the floods have increasingly affected other parts of the country, the Humanitarian Country Team has enhanced the Disaster Response Plan to cover the entire country.

Strategic Objectives

• Provide life-saving assistance to people affected by the floods and re-establish basic services.

• Support the restoration of livelihoods and self-reliance.

• Provide safety and protection for vulnerable people, including women, girls, boys and men, the elderly and people with disabilities, including through the provision of transitional shelter.


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