Flash Update: No. 01 – Tropical Storm PODUL (JENNY) and Tropical Depression KAJIKI, Lao PDR- 05 September 2019



• On 29 August and 02 September 2019, at 16:00 (UTC+7), the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Ministry of Natural Resources, Lao PDR reported potential affected areas in the central and southern part of Lao PDR due to the existence of a Low Pressure Area (LPA), Tropical Storm PODUL, and Tropical depression KAJIKI. Subsequently, thunderstorm advisories and heavy rainfall warnings were issued for the provinces Khammouan, Savanhnakhet, Champasack, Saravane, Sekong, and Attapue.

• Today, at 09:00 (UTC+7), the center of Tropical Depression Kajiki was estimated to be in the coastal area of Viet Nam; and according to Lao PDR’s Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH), light to moderate with intermittent heavy rains will be experienced over Central and Southern provinces due to the weather disturbance. Currently, flood has been reported in six (6) provinces namely Khmmouan, Savannakhet, Champasack, Saravane, Sekong, and Attapue provinces.

• Provincial Disaster Prevention and Control Committee has call for emergency meeting and planning for response, especially to deploy rescue boat in collaboration with the army and police for evacuation.

• According to Lao PDR’s National Disaster Management Organisation (NDMO Lao PDR), emergency relief items has been distributed to the affected population.

• AHA Centre will monitor continuously and issue update should there be any significant development of the situation.


• Ready to eat meal, rice, instant noodle, dry food, can fish, drinking water

• Rescue boat with pilot and life jacket, boat fuels

• Non food item such as family kits, kitchen kits, sleeping kits

• Funds support for the operation