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Asia Pacific: Multiple disasters affect millions in the region

Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers are responding to a series of disasters happening across the Asia Pacific region. In Southeast Asia, a dam collapse in Lao PDR led to severe flooding, which extending to neighbouring Cambodia, while in Myanmar, heavy seasonal rains have caused flooding in several states and regions.


The Lao government has declared a national disaster following the Xe-Pian Xe Namnoy hydropower dam collapse on 23 July 2018, causing severe flooding that affected 7,000 residents in eight villages in the south-eastern province of Attapeu, which borders Cambodia.

The IFRC has launched an an emergency appeal seeking 2.9 million Swiss francs to help the 7,500 people worst affected by the disaster over the coming 18 months.


Downstream in Cambodia, the flood from the collapsed dam in Lao PDR forced an estimated 25,000 people to evacuate to safer ground.

With infrastructure down and assessments ongoing, a full picture of the disaster is yet to emerge. In both Lao and Cambodia, some remote areas did not have mobile phone reception before the dam burst and now roads are flooded, hindering access.


Severe flooding due to heavy rains are affecting 87,000 people across Myanmar. Thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes and are staying in monasteries and public buildings such as schools, or are staying with relatives and host families.

Indonesia A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck off Lombok, province of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, on 29 July 2018, followed by 280 aftershocks with the highest magnitude of 5.7. The earthquake affected five districts: North Lombok, East Lombok, West Lombok, Central Lombok and Mataram.

Almost 50,000 people were affected and 17 people were killed. The earthquake damaged houses and a small number of public facilities such as health centres, mosque and schools. These numbers are expected to increase as assessments continue.


Around 2 million people have been affected by seasonal rains in the Philippines. The combined effects of Tropical Storms Son-Tinh and Ampil and Tropical Depression Josie, which hit the Philippines within days of each other, worsened the seasonal monsoon, causing major flooding across 21 provinces in northern and central Philippines.