Watering down tension and boosting economic activity

from ACTED
Published on 06 Nov 2012 View Original

OSH [ACTED News] – For the last five months, ACTED has been rehabilitating the Kalama-Kungoi irrigation canal system in the Alai district of Southern Kyrgyzstan. This canal system supplies irrigation water to 4,401 people in four villages within this district. On 29th October 2012, rehabilitation works were completed resulting in increased access to irrigation water and providing improved irrigation for more than 400 hectares of additional land for the residents of Kurmanjan-Datka, Jar-Kyshtak, May 1st, and Jany-Turmush villages. Local authorities, including the governor of the Alai district, witnessed the completion of construction and participated in the testing of the canal. Soon the project will be marked with the official opening ceremony of the canal with participation from key stakeholders and community members.

Through the rehabilitation of the canal, ACTED was able to mitigate potential conflict caused by the scarcity of resources such as irrigation water. In addition, as a result of the support provided by ACTED teams, public confidence has increased in the local authorities and economic activity has been stimulated throughout the region. The rehabilitation of the canal was carried out with support of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of Transition Initiatives.