REACHing peace through better local governance

from ACTED
Published on 22 Jan 2013 View Original

BISHKEK [ACTED News] – The first series of trainings on Better Local Governance started last week in the district of Suzak, Southern Kyrgyzstan. Representatives from local and district level authorities, and newly elected members of local councils have been participating in this training to learn about how to improve governance through better budgeting, accountability and transparency, prioritisation and planning. This will be followed by trainings on how to use the REACH Early Warning Mapping tool and how to write proposals for improved governance and dispute resolution. Similar trainings will be held across 36 municipalities, in nine districts of Southern Kyrgyzstan.

These capacity building activities, designed for key decision makers to monitor the likelihood of disputes and supported by the United States Institute of Peace, aim at improving and increasing the use of the REACH interactive early warning mapping tool by the local government in order to monitor the likelihood of conflicts and therefore develop appropriate and locally relevant interventions to address and mitigate conflict potential and promote durable peace and stability in Kyrgyzstan.