Kyrgyzstan: Humanitarian Bulletin #8, 13 December 2010

Key Points

- Construction of transitional shelters has been successfully completed before arrival of winter.

- A possibility for escalation of tension remains, as shooting and blasting in Osh and Bishkek proved.

Situation Overview

A shoot-out in city of Osh on 29th November and a blast in central Bishkek on 30th November have rattled nerves throughout Kyrgyzstan. Authorities offered conflicting reports about suspects for the latest violence. While the security situation in Osh has been improving- the general tension is always there, and panic is easy to grow. The two incidents seem to be unrelated, however, are remindful of the fact that stability in the country is fragile. Area security coordinators and UNDSS responded adequately. Cell phone capability was predictably jammed and there were some issue with e-communication. While UN agencies have been exchanging situation updates to each other, International NGOs were left out. OCHA based in Osh has been standing by to support security information exchange with NGO partners. Notably, the incidents resulted in only minor interruptions or slow down in the work of organizations involved to humanitarian assistance provision.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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