Kyrgyz Republic: Second Additional Financing for the Health and Social Protection Project

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Project Objectives

With the first Additional Financing, the amended original Project Development Objectives (PDO) aims at: (i) improving the health status of the population of the Recipient through creating an effective, comprehensive and integrated system for the delivery of individual and public health services, including increased responsibility of every citizen, family, society and public administration bodies for the health of each person and for the society as a whole; and (ii) improving and protecting the health and nutritional status of said populations against the instability of national food prices as well as assisting poor families to manage and mitigate the impact of rising food prices through scaling-up and strengthening targeted cash transfers to said families and populations.

The revised development objectives would be to: (i) improve the performance of the Kyrgyz health sector; (ii) strengthen the targeting of social benefits; and (iii) protect and improve health and nutritional status of vulnerable populations in the face of food price shocks. The proposed additional financing would help finance the implementation of expanded activities that scale-up the project's impact and its development effectiveness under the revised PDOs.