Disaster Response Coordination Unit - Kyrgyzstan: COVID-19 response Bi-monthly situation update (9 October 2020)

Situation Report
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On 18 March 2020 the first three cases were recorded in the Kyrgyz Republic that were detected among those, who returned from Umra pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Kyrgyzstan’s Security Council recommended the state of emergency on 22 March, and the Government subsequently imposed stricter measures, placing checkpoints in every region and city, and shutting down facilities (cafes, cinemas, shopping malls, and other entertainment places), leaving only grocery stores, food markets, pharmacies, and medical facilities. Strict quarantine ended in mid-May and facilities started to work. As of 9 October 2020, 48,617 cases of COVID-19 U07.1 1and U07.2 2 have been confirmed in Kyrgyzstan, of which 44,097 have recovered. According to revised statistics by Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic 1,077 deaths have been registered. According Shtab as of 9 October, the number of patients who are in hospitals is 1,456 people.
The total number of medical staff diagnosed with COVID-19 is 3,379 cases, of which 3 medical workers have recovered per day. In total, 2,506 medical workers have recovered.

During the elections, medical posts were organized at the polling stations and 5,728 medical workers were involved. In addition, ambulances were organized, and hospital beds prepared. All paramedics were provided with personal protective equipment, masks, sanitizers and other protective equipment. If among the voters there were citizens with fever or other signs of illness, they could vote after 18.00, separate booths were prepared for them.

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