Comments by the Government of Kyrgyzstan in response to the report of the Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission into the events in southern Kyrgyzstan in June 2010

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  1. Introduction

The Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission (KIC) investigation into the events which occurred in southern Kyrgyzstan in June 2010 has completed its work and presented its report to the Government of Kyrgyzstan on the 1st of April 2011

The establishment of the KIC to investigate the events of 2010 was supported by the Kyrgyz authorities with the aim of preventing a repeat of the violence. The report was aimed at facilitating peace, stability and reconciliation in the country. With the aim of achieving an objective analysis of the events the authorities ensured that an unprecedented level of openness prevailed. Nobody and nothing in Kyrgyzstan hindered the work of the KIC. In accordance with its mandate the KIC was to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the events of June 2010, subsequently putting forward recommendations aimed at achieving stability and reconciliation. It was further stipulated that the KIC would not undertake criminal investigations which would be left as a prerogative of the Kyrgyz authorities.

The Kyrgyz Government consider that the KIC was able to collect significant evidence via a comprehensive and objective approach. The KIC conducted an unbiased investigation which permitted a thorough and useful analysis of the circumstances that preceded the conflict and for its eventual resolution, together with an analysis of the reasons behind the tragic events and an evaluation of the actions of all parties involved in the resolution of the consequences of the conflict.

The Kyrgyz Government considers the huge work undertaken by the KIC to be of the utmost importance and would like to thank its members for their time and effort which they have committed to the investigation of the tragic events that occurred in Kyrgyzstan.