West Pokot: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for June 2022


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

• The County received moderate amounts of rainfall in June which had fair temporal and even spatial distribution.

• The vegetation cover index was 38, depicting a generally normal situation. The situation is improving across livelihood zones as depicted by the surge in Vegetation Condition Index. Pokot Central recorded moderate drought conditions while Pokot South, Pokot North and Pokot West sub-counties reported normal conditions.

• The status of water sources is within the normal range of fluctuation as water levels are above 50 percent recharged in most parts of the county.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

• Milk production and consumption at household level improved slightly across the county.

• The livestock body condition varied between fair to good across the livelihood zones whereby that of camel and goat was good, while that of cattle and sheep ranged between fair and good, although there was an improving trend among all livestock species across the livelihood zones in the county.

• Distances to water sources for households was normal in all livelihood zones, with a downward trend.

• The terms of trade remained unfavourable with a declining trend across the livelihood zones. Most of the households were at Acceptable Food Consumption Score category.

• The Coping Strategy Index slightly dropped in all livelihood zones.