West Pokot District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, May 2007


Situation Overview

- Most regions received moderate rainfall throughout the month.

- Forage development and crop production currently at knee height for sorghum and maize is good.

- Livestock body conditions for all species are good.

- Water accessibility and availability both for livestock and household consumption has stabilized.

- Livestock prices are stable.

- Cereal prices are on an upward trend as small scale farmers begin exhausting their food reserves.

- Nutrition status of under fives in all economy zones is within normal range.

- New cases of cholera outbreak have been reported in Kongelai and Kacheliba divisions.

Recommendations to the district authorities.

- Concerted efforts should be put in place by all stakeholders so as to arrest the current spread of Cholera outbreak in the region which has so far led to unwarranted human deaths.

Current interventions

Non food intervention:

- No major interventions are ongoing.

Food aid

No food aid is currently ongoing in the district.