West Pokot District: Drought Monthly Bulletin, April 2007


Situation Overview

- The month was hot and dry with one and a half week heavy rains in all parts of the district which subsided as the month end approached.

- Cereal sales are within normal range in Kapenguria and Lelan.

- Livestock sales volumes are good whereas cereals prices have stabilized.

- Nutrition status of under five in all economy zones is within normal range.

- Water situation in all economy zones is good.

- General livestock body conditions are good.

- Forage and browse have significantly improved.

- Cases of cholera outbreak have been reported in Marich, Sigor division for the past three weeks but efforts are being put in place to put the situation under control.

Recommendations to the district authorities.

- Communities should be sensitized on proper hygiene and sanitary practices as well as provision of clean water to the affected and surrounding communities so as to arrest further spread of cholera in Sigor division.

- There are also increased cases of Kalazaar in Kacheliba and Alale divisions a situation requiring urgent intervention.

Current interventions

Non food intervention:

Provision of drought resistant crops in lower regions.

Food aid

No food aid is currently ongoing in the district.