West Pokot County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for January 2017

Situation Report
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Biophysical Indicators

  • No significant rainfall was received in the county save for selected sites that had a temporal distribution of 1-2 days towards end month. The cumulative rainfall for the 6-month period (August-January) for Nasukuta rainfall station amounts to only 52% of the normal for the same period.
  • A further deterioration in the vegetation condition to extreme levels was witnessed as supported by the shift in VCI-3month for the county to 14.2 from 22.87 in December. Pokot north remained worst affected with a VCI-3month of 8.45.
  • Forage condition was very poor across the livelihood zones.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

  • The body condition of cattle is poor whereasthat of goats and camels is fair to poor. Distance to water source was long.
  • Milk production and consumption at household level is below the normal range. Terms of trade are low and significantly lie outside the normal range by a big margin.
  • Continued unusual outmigration was witnessed with several cattle deaths being reported in Pokot north and central.
  • Food consumption score fell within the poor band and the proportion of households resorting to coping increased from 78% to 89%. Proportion of children ‘at risk’ of malnutrition rose further and remained outside the normal range.