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Weather Hazards Impacts Assessment for Africa: May 3 - 9, 2007

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- Rainfall in Somalia is not as heavy as it was during the last two weeks. There is still the potential for flooding along the Shebelle river, however as the precipitation makes its way down stream.

- A slow start to the season is responsible for short term dryness in portions of Afar in Ethiopia and nearby parts of Eritrea and Djibouti.

1) Rainfall has been below normal in parts of eastern and southern Kenya. Moisture deficits have continued to rise during the past several weeks as areas to the north and east received rain.

2) Heavy rainfall is possible along parts of coastal Kenya and Tanzania. This could result in localized flooding.

3) Heavy rains during the past two weeks have raised river levels along the Shebelle River. River levels are starting to return to normal, but the possibility of localized flooding remains.

4) A slow start to the season has allowed moisture deficits to begin to grow in part of the Afar region of Ethiopia. Nearby parts of Djibouti and Eritrea are also experiencing short term dryness.

5) Normal to above normal rainfall continues to fall in Belg producing areas of the southwestern Ethiopian highlands.

6) Dry conditions in southern Africa have lowered crop yields, degraded pasture land and reduced water resources. Drinking water has also significantly been reduced in Marondera and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Relief is not expected to return to the region until the next wet season.