We’ve contained cholera in Marsabit, Health CEC says


Authorities in Marsabit County have said that the recent wave of cholera that hit Illeret Ward is currently under control.

County Health Executive Jamma Wolde said that there is no cause for alarm as the outbreak has been completely contained.

Dr Wolde said the epidemic, first reported in April 25,2020, and that allegedly claimed more than seven lives and left at least 225 people infected.

Speaking to journalists while receiving a donation of personal protection equipment for health workers from the Muslim Agency in Marsabit town, Dr Wolde revealed that by Friday, seven patients were admitted at Illeret Dispensary and four had been discharged.

“We’ve done everything possible to contain the recent cholera outbreak reported in Illeret dispensary, and by Friday morning, seven patients were hospitalised at Illeret and four got discharged,” he said.