Wajir-Mandera Border Conflict Emergency Response Situation Report 4

Situation Report
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Background Information

Wajir County is divided into 8 districts namely; Wajir East, Tarbaj, Wajir South, Habaswein, Wajir West, Eldas, Buna and Wajir North districts. There are 6 constituencies currently i.e., Tarbaj, Wajir East, Wajir South, Wajir West, Eldas and Wajir North districts.

The county has currently been facing inter-ethnic clashes between the Degodia and Garre communities along Border areas of Mandera and Wajir counties that has left 30 people killed,9 injured, and displacement of 12140 Households since 13th May 2014.

The clashes have directly affected 10 locations in Tarbaj District namely; Lehely, Bojigaras, Mansa,
Burmayo, Ogoralle, Ber janai, Dunto, Basanechaa, Gunana and Belowle (Wajir North).

The clashes further affected other centers that have had an influx of displaced persons which include Sarman, Elben, Tarbaj, Kutulo, Batalu, Danaba, Quadama and Gulani

The Wajir County Governor requested KRCS to lead the emergency response including the medical outreach, Rapid Impact Assessment of the immediate humanitarian situation and support in distribution of emergency food and NFIs, amongst others.

Delivered Interventions as of 4th June 2014

  1. Medical Outreach

As of Wednesday 4th June 2014, the KRCS medical response team was dispatched to Batalu, North of Wajir to conduct a medical outreach exercise.
During the medical outreach exercise, a total of 27 patients were treated as summarized in the table below.