Wajir-Mandera Border Conflict Emergency Response Situation Report 1

Situation Report
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Background Information

There has been ongoing inter-clan conflict between the Degodia and Garre communities from both Wajir and Mandera counties since 13th May 2014 that has led to 18 deaths so far.
This began when three men from one community were shot and killed on the Burmayo-Fincharo road between Wajir and Mandera counties. Since then there has been retaliatory attacks from both communities leading to increased insecurity in many areas that are mostly in the periphery of Wajir and Mandera Counties. The areas currently affected in Wajir County include: Tarbaj, Gunana, Barwaqo, Eladey, Burmayo, Ogorale, Dunto,

Intervention Plan

The Wajir county government composed a cabinet sub-committee to coordinate the humanitarian conflict emergency response which then appointed KRCS as the lead organization for the implementation of the intervention response services.

KRCS under the coordination of the Wajir County government cabinet subcommittee for the emergency response has already rolled intervention infrastructure in the following thematic areas i.e Health, Water, Food and Non Food Items (NFIs) relief.

KRCS will take the responsibility to implement in all areas except water intervention which the county ministry of water will directly implement.

In the leadership of KRCS, a multi organizational team has been set up and dispatched to carry out a rapid assessment using KIRA tool to identify the extent of damages and number of displaced people in all the affected areas and deduce recommendations for appropriate short term /immediate mid and long term interventions.