Wajir County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for November 2014


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

  • The general condition of biophysical indicators shows a bad situation now that rains are almost over, yet the performance was poor both in time and space.

  • The rains received in the month are fairly in amount but below normal of the expected performance.

  • The VCI-3month is normal, but close to the minimum level, only one livelihood zone where the VCI is close to above normal.

  • The SPI is normal but also almost touching the minimum level

  • Water sources are poor with only one livelihood zone where open earth water collection points have recharged considerably.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

There were migrations of pastoralists from the all-species Livelihood zone to the agro-pastoral and pastoral cattle LZ.

There is a high medium drought risk that could fast progress to high drought risk given that the current rainy season has performed poorly so far. The situation will negatively affect regeneration of pastures and browse quality and quantity as well as availability of water. Animal production in terms of body conditions and milk production is likely to be affected given that the animals are still recovering from the effects of the previous drought.

Income generated from sale of livestock and milk is till low as markets are still poorly performing given unsatisfying body conditions and weight. Milk consumption is low as prices dropped by a small margin. This has a direct impact on nutrition especially of children below 5 yrs, who are still recovering from the previous high rates of malnutrition.