Wajir County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for June 2022


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

In June 2022, the whole County remained dry. The July 2022 weather outlook indicates that the county will be generally dry and sunny.

Vegetation Condition: The county and five of its sub counties recorded moderate vegetation deficit, while Eldas Eub-County remained at severe vegetation band. No further improvements are expected since there was no off-season rainfall received in June.

Production indicators

• Livestock body condition is fair to poor and on a deteriorating trend.

• Milk production per household declined.

• Cases of endemic livestock diseases such as SGP and FMD still persist in the county. Suspected cases of heartwater disease reported in Wajir West.

Access indicators:

• Migration within and outside the County was reported.

• Terms of trade is unfavorable when compared to normal.

• There was a slight decrease in household milk consumption.

• Slight increase in household distance to water sources was reported.

• Livestock grazing distance increased slightly when compared to last month.

Utilization Indicators:

▪ The proportion of children below the age of five at risk of moderate malnutrition stood at 26.8 percent during the month under review.

▪ Households employed more coping strategies.

▪ More than 28.9 percent of the households in the Pastoral Livelihood Zone registered poor food consumption score.

▪ Kala-Azar and Chikungunya outbreaks are still active. Seven measles cases reported at Konton in Wajir East.